“I hope you can go to the postseason…” Kim Tae-yeon’s wish to postpone her honeymoon and is working hard on her training

“I hope you can go to the postseason…” Kim Tae-yeon’s wish to postpone her honeymoon and is working hard on her training

“I really hope I can go to the postseason this year.”

Kim Tae-yeon (Hanwha Eagles), who has postponed his honeymoon and is focusing on training, did not hide his desire to enter the fall baseball league.헤라카지노

Kim Tae-yeon, from Cheonggu Elementary School, Deoksu Middle School, and Yatap High School, is a right-handed pitcher and a utility resource that can play both inside and outside. After entering the professional league as 59th overall in the second round of 6 in 2016, he recorded a batting average of 0.252 (221 hits in 876 times at bat) with 15 home runs and 117 RBIs (on-base plus slugging) of 0.698 in 308 games by the 2023 season.

Kim Tae-yeon, who gradually grew into a core resource of Hanwha after completing his mandatory military service from 2019 to 2021. He had a rollercoaster year last year. After suffering from a severe slump with a batting average of 0.196 (10 hits in 51 at-bats) in April, he moved to the second division in May. After returning to the team in June, he showed off his presence by swinging a bat from that month to August, but ended the season early after sustaining a fractured metacarpal in his left middle hand while attempting to steal second base on Sept. 22. His final performance was 0.261 (64 hits in 245 at-bats) with four homers and 26 RBIs in 91 games.

When we met recently, Kim Tae-yeon said about last year, “I was sluggish in the beginning. And considering that I couldn’t play due to my injury right before the end of the season, there is a lot of regret,” adding, “I did it because I couldn’t do it in the beginning, but I couldn’t help the team in the second half because I was hurt regardless of my will. I was a little disappointed.”

Kim Tae-yeon, who was desperate after the season ended, was in intense training to take a leap forward. She had a wedding ceremony in December last year, but put off her honeymoon for training.

“I had plans (for my honeymoon), but the number of plans gradually decreased. At first, I was going to Guam or Hawaii. Then, I thought I would simply go to Japan. However, rather than doing that, I decided to go to a better place next time,” Kim said. “I thought it would take less time to prepare for the honeymoon because we have a wedding in mid-December. If you go as early as possible right after the end of this season or early December and prepare for the off-season, you can earn that much time. It was a decision that reflected my wife’s opinion more actively than I did.”

Veteran catcher Choi Jae-hoon has assisted Choi in various aspects of his training. Currently, Kim Tae-yeon sends and receives more messages with Choi than his wife.

Kim Tae-yeon said, “I leave my house around 12:20 p.m. and meet (Choi) Jae-hoon around 1 p.m. and work out until 5 p.m. And when I come home, I get messages from him, saying, ‘What are you doing? Did you have a hard time today?’ My wife asked me who I was messaging with? I proudly showed that I was doing it with Jae-hoon,” adding, “Jae-hoon tries to take good care of me. I followed him because I didn’t hate him either.”

For reference, Choi Jae-hoon’s obsession with Kim Tae-yeon was not only for his growth but also for the Hanwha Eagles’ development. When he heard a related question, Choi Jae-hoon, whom he met around the same time, said, “I am having fun (playing sports with Kim Tae-yeon). (Kim) Tae-yeon rehabilitated in December and told her to come if it was over. I came right away.” “This year is really important. The players got better. (Ahn) Chi-hong also joined the team, so the infield is good. (Kim) Kang-min also joined the team, so I think it’s okay to go to the outfield. I thought this year was really important, so I told her to work hard and tried to take her with me.”

Kim Tae-yeon, who showed an impactful performance last year, has not been consistent, but his personal goal is to maintain a high batting average from start to finish this year.

“Coach Choi Won-ho also says that steady batting average is important. I will try to achieve a high batting average from the beginning of the season. I am thinking about that a lot and studying and making efforts,” he said, clenched his fists. “If I pay attention to that, I think it will increase a lot.”

Kim Tae-yeon will bring all three gloves used by infielders, outfielders and first baseman to Hanwha’s spring camp in Australia from next month. Having played in all infield positions except shortstop last year and also played right field, Kim is poised to appear in positions where he needs him this season as well.

Kim Tae-yeon nodded, “My goal is to let the coach put my name in wherever the team needs it. I want to make him think that way. I think that’s what I should do.”

Hanwha, which remained at the bottom of the standings for three years from 2020 to 2022, had a significant period last year. It was ranked ninth with 58 wins, six draws and 80 losses, but it also gained momentum at the end of the first half by winning eight consecutive games for the first time in 18 years since 2005. Above all, younger players shook off a sense of defeat, which was the biggest achievement.

Hanwha, which has been embracing veteran infielder An Chi-hong, outfielder Kim Kang-min and catcher Lee Jae-won, is aiming to advance to the postseason this year. This was also what Kim Tae-yeon wanted the most.

“I was in the entry until the last regular season game in 2018, but I didn’t make the postseason entry. That’s why I think about the postseason more. Even though I had the opportunity, I couldn’t join because I didn’t have enough. If I have such a chance, I really want to go there. We have good players this year, and there are players who have grown further. I hope these parts combine well and I can go to the postseason this year,” Kim Tae-yeon said.

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