“I haven’t seen a rookie like this in 13 years”… Are you really 19? More than 100 self-analysis videos alone, and experts were surprised

“I haven’t seen a rookie like this in 13 years”… Are you really 19? More than 100 self-analysis videos alone, and experts were surprised

A Doosan Bears official was surprised to find out the habit of Kim Taek-yeon (19), a right-hander who was recently named the second overall pick in the first round of the 2024 Rookie Draft. Kim Taek-yeon’s cell phone was packed with more than 100 videos of his pitching since middle school. In order to check and check for himself what kind of minute changes are made in his pitching form and what kind of differences are made between good and bad, he was stacking up data on his own and checking whenever he had time.

When Kim Taek-yeon first pitched half at Icheon Bears Park on the 18th, he asked the official to film him pitching. Doosan judged that Kim Taek-yeon’s arm had accumulated fatigue after five consecutive throws at the U-18 Baseball World Cup in Taiwan in September last year, and imposed a ban on pitching since his nomination. Winter is also an off-season, and Kim Taek-yeon himself agreed to take a break to throw healthier in his debut season, but he has never thrown the ball for so long, so he must have wanted to make sure there was no noticeable change when pitching.

Watching the scene, the team felt even more that it chose Kim Taek-yeon well. A Doosan source said, “Since November and December have passed and January has passed, we haven’t thrown balls all the time, so we were nervous as well. Because the player who always throws didn’t throw balls. But when I saw him pitching in the first half, I thought, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about it.” When I came down from the team after the first half pitching, they said, “It’s not a big problem. You don’t have to worry about it.” When I asked him, “Can’t you see his upper body coming forward?” he said, “That will be caught soon.” He smiled.

“He knew how he was. I thought he didn’t have to worry about sending him to Australia. I didn’t have to go to Icheon to see him in person when I was pitching for the second time. I just asked him to shoot a video and send it to me. It’s been about 9 years since I joined the scouting team after 4 years of scouting and 10 years in the management team. I’ve seen so many rookies and recruited them myself, but I’ve never seen a player like this. No player asked if he could shoot a video and send it to me,” he added, expressing his surprise.

A Doosan official also said, “Because I’m sensitive about balance while watching videos. I can analyze myself well because I know my form. He keeps checking if anything has changed and if anything has gotten worse. He knows exactly why he felt bad today. That’s why he’s saying he’s not worried. Even when he played catch with 80% of his power, he didn’t throw fastballs. He practiced curveball and splitter. That’s because he’s confident.”

It was different when practicing one slider, too. When asked, “What do you think about a slider?,” a Doosan source said, “I think tunnel is the most important thing. I think it’s important to keep it long enough to make it look like a fastball, so the angle of my slider is not too big.” “Sliders need to swing and miss on the way, but they already know that long enough to make it look like a fastball can trick them to fall after swinging it,” he said, stressing that he is a self-researching and making efforts in addition to his talent.

Doosan sees Kim Taek-yeon as an instantaneous power that can be used immediately by the first team. He is a fresh high school graduate, but he judged that he has enough stamina to endure through the 144-game season. This is evidenced by his five consecutive wins at the U-18 Baseball World Cup last year. During the competition, Kim pitched in six games, including starting pitcher and bullpen, and pitched 16 innings and 247 pitches. In the bronze medal match against the U.S., he pitched as a starting pitcher and shut out 98 pitches in seven innings without allowing any single goal. Regardless of controversy over excessive physical exertion, he displayed remarkable physical strength.

“Kim Taek-yeon is a player who can pitch up to 151 kilometers even if he throws more than 90 pitches. Seeing him throw consecutive pitches and shut out in the final game, he can tell that he has good physical strength. He is also very confident for a 19-year-old rookie. Of course, his adaptation will depend on how he puts on the first step in the professional stage, but he is evaluating that he will become a player who will keep going forward if he puts on the first step well,” a Doosan official said.

Expectations were fully expressed through down payment. Doosan gave Kim Taek-yeon 350 million won (318,240 U.S. dollars), just as left-hander Hwang Jun-seo (19), who wore a Hanwha Eagles uniform as the No. 1 rookie in 2024, gave him the highest treatment. Hwang also signed a 350 million won (318,430 dollars) down payment.헤라카지노도메인

A Doosan source said, “In fact, there are so many right-handed pitchers in our team that 70 percent of the team has right-handed pitchers. Why did they choose right-handed pitchers? No matter how much they needed their left hand, they didn’t want to miss out on Kim Taek-yeon, so they made that choice. They are not only talented but also good in character, and they are good at talking to each other or interviewing each other,” adding, “I hope that he will grow into a closing pitcher for the team as soon as possible as the team wishes.

Kim Taek-yeon is scheduled to depart for Sydney, Australia, where she will train for the spring camp for the first-tier Korean Professional Baseball League, along with her team’s main lineup on March 29. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “I think she is a very good person with an easygoing personality. She is still a high school student, but I had a good feeling about her. I will join the spring camp together and reduce the time to adjust even a little. All the staff members will make efforts to ensure that Kim can show the best performance in any position.”

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