I’m the best defender in the Asian League.” Maxwell’s confidence to win

I’m the best defender in the Asian League.” Maxwell’s confidence to win

In August last year, when Anyang Chung Sang-kwan, who is participating in the William Jones Cup, recruited two foreign players just for the duration of the championship, it was a response from officials and coaching staff of each club. Notably, very few people knew DuVon Maxwell.마카오토토

It was only natural. Maxwell rarely played in leagues that KBL officials are paying attention to. He has played in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and France in three major leagues. As a member of the Phoenix Fuels Masters for the 2023 Fabulous Cup in the Philippines, only a few people in charge of checking his performance with 22.4 points, 12.3 rebounds, 4.6 steals, and 2.9 block shots on average. Even with that, Korean club coaches who are sensitive to height did not pay attention to Maxwell because the Gabbanus Cup is a competition that limits the height of players below 200 centimeters.

19 wins and 13 losses in the lower-ranked team!
Only five months have passed, but Maxwell has completely changed his position. After re-engaging with Chung as a temporary replacement for Omari Spellman, he is playing a successful first season in the KBL as he signed a contract with Daegu Korea Gas Corporation. Chung has averaged 8.8 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 1.3 block shots in 32 professional basketball games between 2023 and 2024. In terms of records, this is a typical number of foreign players with two options.

However, his performance has some substance. The winning rate changes depending on the team he plays for. Chung had nine wins and four losses in 13 games, and Korea Gas Corporation had 10 wins and nine losses in 19 games. Maxwell had 19 wins and 13 losses in both teams. Considering that both Chung and Gas Corporation rank low, the number of wins is quite high. If the number of wins and 13 losses is 19, it will be right behind Changwon LG (20 wins and 13 losses), which ranks fourth. “Maxwell has a good influence on defense. Influenced by that, even Andrew (Nicholson) works hard in defense,” said Kang Hyuk, head coach of Korea Gas Corporation. “I had a lot of thoughts when I recruited him, but I think I brought him well.”

Maxwell, who went from being neglected without any attention to a player to a player that all teams wanted with two options, talked with him for a while.

Q. Where did you hide and now you appear in Korea? Playing in the French third division…
A. Haha. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Korea. But I couldn’t get a chance. I’ve always been preparing for it, but luckily, the Chung Kwan-gwan gave me a chance. I just did my part faithfully in the team. I’m grateful to the Chung Kwan-gwan and the Korea Gas Corporation for giving me a chance.

Q. He is recognized as a defense in the KBL. Do you think he has a good idea in defense?
A. Of course. I think I’m the best defender in the Asian League. I’m proud of myself and that’s how confident I am in defense.

Q. I remember they were quite good at attacking in the Philippines.
A. I’m confident in attacking. But Andrew is at the center of our team’s offense. My role is to contribute in defense. I think they’re a good match. Of course, I’m ready to aggressively attack if the team says I need one.

Q. General Chung and Gas Corporation are at the bottom of the list, but their grades are very good while you’re at it. What kind of energy did they bring?
A. Haha. It’s a secret. I can call it a lucky charm for both teams. Actually, Gas Corporation came and ran and found that they had a good offense. There’s a good scorer named Andrew and role players who can throw shots. But I think I needed something that could be a catalyst in defense. I guess I just let that spark go. I think I’ve had a good influence on my teammates as well, bringing energy from defense.

Q. Option 2 is bound to have a limit on the playing time. Still, a player is bound to have a desire for playing time, do you have any regrets about that?
A. I’ve never played in a league where only one of the two players plays. So it was hard to accept situations where options 1 and 2 were separated. As you said, every player wants to play a lot. But Andrew and Daryl Monroe, who was in the cabinet, were also really good players with leadership. Both of them understood my feelings well and gave me advice. Andrew and I respect each other. The center of our team is Andrew. I’m sharing my playing time, but I’m doing my best to play the role of assistant that I want in the team.

Q. I think you will continue to play in Korea. What do you think?
A: I’m so satisfied with my life in Korea. I want to continue my career in Korea. My family came at the end of the year and they said it was the best place I’ve ever played. Haha. I’m grateful that the club took such good care of my family. If I ever have a chance, I want to retire after playing in Korea. I love you, Korean fans.

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