National team defender Jung Seung-hyun is likely to leave Ulsan for UAE

National team defender Jung Seung-hyun is likely to leave Ulsan for UAE

Jung Seung-hyun (30, Ulsan HD), a defender of the Korean men’s national soccer team who is currently participating in the Qatar Asian Cup, is expected to move to a club in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It has been reported that Jung Seung-hyun was recently offered a contract by Al Wasl of the UAE professional league. “Al Wasl recently announced his intention to recruit Jung Seung-hyun to the Ulsan club,” a soccer agent said on Wednesday. “I understand that Jung Seung-hyun is also very willing to transfer.”라바카지노

Jung Seung-hyun has a one-year contract with Ulsan until this year. If Al-Wasle pays a reasonable transfer fee to Ulsan and Jung Seung-hyun himself is satisfied with the salary offered by Al-Wasle, the transfer will be made. It is reported that Jung Seung-hyun is not actively engaged in transfer negotiations to focus on the Asian Cup.

Jung Seung-hyeon is a tall central defender. A graduate of Hyundai High School, the youth team of Ulsan, he started his professional career in Ulsan in 2015. After playing for Sagan Tosu and Kashima Antlers (Japan) for three years, he returned to Ulsan in 2020 and is playing for Ulsan again after finishing military service in Sangmu, Gimcheon. Jung played in 23 games as a captain of Ulsan last year, contributing to his second consecutive win in the league. Jung has played in 21 games (two points) for the under-23 national team, and has played in 22 games (one point) for the A-team.

It is not known how much Jung Seung-hyun’s transfer fee is. However, according to Transfer Markt, a website specializing in transferring soccer players, it was set at 1 million euros. As the contract between Jung and Ulsan is only one year, the transfer fee is not expected to be that high. Korean defenders who play in the Southwestern Asian soccer league are paid three to four times the average salary they receive in the K-League. Eventually, Jung is expected to receive an annual salary of 2 to 3 billion won.

Al Wasl is a traditional powerhouse based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1960, Al Wasl won the UAE First Division League seven times. He is also atop in the league during the 2023-2024 season. He gained 30 points (9 wins, 3 draws, 33 points and 15 goals) as he continued to win 12 matches. In the UAE Pro League, only one winning team can play in the Asian Champions League elite league next season. Milos Milosevic, a former Serbian defender, is currently leading the team. Currently, there are five foreign players from Argentina, Colombia, Morocco and Switzerland. UAE clubs can have as many foreign players as they want.

Among Korean players currently participating in the Asian Cup, Kim Seung-gyu (Saudi Arabia’s Al-Shabab) and Park Yong-woo (UAE Al-Ayn) belong to the Southwest Asian League. Park played with Jung Seung-hyeon at Ulsan as vice captain last year, before moving to the UAE in July. Park is 31 years old, one year older than Jung.

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