Coach Shin Tae-yong, who advanced to the round of 16 in Indonesia, said, “I want to meet Korea in the quarterfinals… Please cheer for Cleansman-ho.”

Coach Shin Tae-yong, who advanced to the round of 16 in Indonesia, said, “I want to meet Korea in the quarterfinals… Please cheer for Cleansman-ho.”

Indonesia, led by head coach Shin Tae-yong, will play against Australia in the round of 16 at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup at 2:30 p.m. on the 28th (local time) at Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar. Indonesia ranked third in Group D, while Australia ranked first in Group B, bringing it to the round of 16.라바카지노

Indonesia is now in a group with Japan, Vietnam and Iraq, and has advanced to the round of 16. The team had one win and two losses, but managed to place fourth in the third-place group to advance to the round of 16. It was a big achievement that the team beat Vietnam 1-0 for the first time in a long time. Team Korea, which had difficulty even advancing to the finals, advanced to the round of 16, drawing keen attention from fans. It was the first time in the Indonesian soccer history.

The outcome of the match against Japan was very important, but the team lost. Coach Shin Tae-yong, who is set to face off against Japan, also told an official press conference, “As you know well, Japan is a really good team. The FIFA ranking is also high, and it will be a very difficult match. I want to prepare well and show that our Indonesian soccer is improving.” “Honestly, I know Japanese soccer the best. From my career to my coach, I had a lot of matches with Japan. They are a better team than Korea. I am trying to play well from the standpoint of learning. It feels different to meet Japan at a big tournament for the first time in a long time.”

Japan was also very determined. In an official press conference ahead of the match, Tomiyasu said, “We had a very difficult match. It was obviously a very difficult match. It was the most difficult match in the Asian Cup, and I learned from my mistakes. Indonesia will try harder to advance to the tournament. We will do our best, too.” The result ended with Japan’s 3-1 victory.

When the results of the group league were not decided yet after the match against Japan, coach Shin Tae-yong said, “I have nothing to say. It’s just heaven’s will. We need to take a day off and watch the results of the match. We need to rest the day after the match and watch the results. (This tournament) became a good experience. As a coach, it was a good experience to lead a team with low FIFA ranking. Even though Indonesia was in a low ranking, the contents of the tournament showed that it had improved considerably. “I had the lowest average age, but I think it will be of great help by playing against good teams. I try to watch other group matches comfortably. I try to tell the players to watch comfortably and not get stressed out.

When Indonesia was confirmed to advance to the round of 16, coach Shin Tae-yong said in an interview with “Yonhap News,” “I watched the match with arrogance desperately. The last time I watched it more nervous than when I was a coach. I was so stressed out. Indonesia’s ranking is also low in Southeast Asia. It was a pity that the league itself was weak and the national team could not grow fast. There was a lot of speed difference and there were many things I couldn’t do. There were some difficulties because I couldn’t keep up with them even in such a big competition.”

Thailand and Indonesia have advanced to the round of 16. With three matches without allowing any goal in Group F, the team ranked second in its group and advanced to the round of 16. Malaysia, coached by Kim Pan-gon, has also displayed strong performance. Malaysia, ranked 130th in the FIFA rankings, had a hard time in its first match against Jordan, but suffered a hard time in the match against Bahrain. Although the team showed improved performance, it lost a game, which resulted in its premature elimination from the tournament. In the match against Korea, which was somewhat less motivated, the team showed an amazing performance of scoring three goals, and tied the match 3-3.

Although individual skills were pushed back, they blocked South Korea with a team, and fast players such as Ayman and Halim created opportunities and produced results, resulting in a 3-3 draw.

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