“I’ll pay the fine. The referee didn’t blow the foul.” Ant-Man’s continuous shooting of the decision

“I’ll pay the fine. The referee didn’t blow the foul.” Ant-Man’s continuous shooting of the decision

Edwards again expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision.

The Minnesota Timberwolves won 107-101 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at the Oklahoma Paycom Center on the 30th (Korea Standard Time).

Minnesota smiled at the match between No. 1 and No. 2 in the Western Conference. Minnesota, which went on the road, displayed better concentration and defeated its difficult opponent in the fourth quarter.

It was Edwards who secured the victory among young aces Anthony Edwards and Shy Gilles-Alexander. Edwards scored 27 points and dunked his opponent’s spirit based on his explosive athletic ability. It was the highlight of the game 헤라카지노.

However, there were some areas where the referee’s decision was not smooth during the process of Edwards’ dunking. Even though Jesus and Alexander clearly hit Edwards’ arm, who jumped, there was no foul. Edwards then strongly protested, looking at the referee instead of doing a ceremony.

Edwards’ anger lingered even after the match. During an interview with a television network, Edwards expressed his dissatisfaction with the dunk pose and foul calls in many scenes. He expressed his strong will to talk about the referee’s decision even after paying the fine.

Edwards, who shook his head and repeatedly said, “I will pay the fine because the referee didn’t call me a foul today. I had to deal with a lot of conflicts. I don’t know how we won. I hope you will give compliments to our players and coaches.”

This is not the first time Edwards has shot a referee. Coincidentally, he expressed regret over the referee’s decision even after the game against Oklahoma nine days ago. It was a story about Jesus and Alexander.

“It’s really hard to stop Shy Gilles and Alexander. I can’t touch him anytime during the game. It’s really hard to confront him. Oklahoma becomes a better team when we get those calls,” Edwards said indirectly.

The regular-season showdown between Minnesota and Oklahoma, which sparked interest whenever they met, ended after the game. With Edwards’ sniping at the referee’s decision fueling the relationship between the two teams, will there be a matchup again in the playoffs?

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