“Energetic” Willow, who also admitted to the enemy, is “full of positivity” on the – stage of his dreams

“Energetic” Willow, who also admitted to the enemy, is “full of positivity” on the – stage of his dreams

This time, he clung to it without giving up an inch and won a shutdown. Willow, who is visiting Jangchung for the first time, scored 19 points, the most in the team. Raina, who naturally built an offensive triangle formation, scored 15 points and Kim Yeon-kyung added 15 points.

In his debut match against Korea Expressway Corporation (January 30), Willow quickly melted into the team with 17 points.

Willow, who met GS Cardtex for the first time on the day, was the first to express his joy over the victory. “First of all, the opponent team is very good,” he said. “We have been putting pressure on our team, especially in the third set, and they put us to the test. It was tough because Silva had such good serve and offense.”

Willow challenged the v – league tryouts in both the 22-23 and 23-24 seasons.

Though he was not selected at the stadium at the time, Yelena’s vacancy presented him as an unexpected opportunity. “It is a very fierce and qualified league,” Willow said of the V-League. “I wanted to continue playing in Asia including China, Japan and Korea. I have tried this league for years. I will cherish this moment and work hard.”

The reason Willow is mentioned over and over again is clear. He is the daughter of legendary pitcher Randy Johnson of the Major League Baseball (MLB). After entering Korea with the huge presence of his father, he became an object of interest not only to volleyball but also to baseball fans. At the first game, fans who brought his uniform inscribed with Randy Johnson’s name to the stadium stood out.

Did such a father give advice to his daughter as an athlete? When asked about this, Willow emphasized “health.” For an athlete, the body is wealth.

“My dad always gives me two big tips,” he said. “He told me to take good care of my body and play (in games) with a positive attitude every day.” In fact, Cha Sang-hyun, manager of GS Caltex, also gave a positive review of Willow’s sincere and bright attitude in an interview before the game.

Willow’s overflowing energy has revitalized the team, which has been strangely stagnant. Coach Avondanja also highly appreciated Willow’s energy.

Coach Avondanja also pushes his players with a harsher temper than anyone else, and he reacts strongly to mistakes. However, Willow replied that he is rather familiar with the situation. 꽁머니환전

“I’m familiar with coaches in the U.S. as they are similar types,” he said. “The coach I met in the first season of the Turkiyen league is also passionate like Avonza coach. I can fully understand that. I think the coach is trying to lead us to do our best as players.”

After a straightforward (?) answer, “I might look a little crazy sometimes,” made him laugh, and he added, “I think the coach is doing it for the sake of winning because he has a lot of affection for our team.”

Before the game, Avondanja informed the coach that he is constantly searching for the most preferred angle of attack for Willow, the left-handed Apogit Spiker. On the same day, Willow showed off his ball handling in various courses to avoid opponent blockers.

“The team didn’t have any instructions on the angle,” he said. “My favorite course is the angle. Thanks to Raina and Kim Yeon-koung, there is only one blocking on the team, but it is easier to hit with that direction. Sometimes, I hit the ball with that direction when the line is empty.”

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life, which won two consecutive five rounds, will take a break for about six days and face Jeong Kwan-jang at home on the 8th.

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