Shinhan Bank’s PO Competition “Fingerprinting Two Weeks ago, Let’s Don’t Forget”

Shinhan Bank’s PO Competition “Fingerprinting Two Weeks ago, Let’s Don’t Forget”

The rise has been put on hold, but it is still too early to give up the playoffs. Coach Gunadan also promised the next game with encouragement.

Shinhan Bank of Incheon is ranked fifth with seven wins and 16 losses in the regular league of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 women’s professional basketball league. It is 1.5 games ahead of Bucheon Hana One Q, which is the cut line.

It is a surprising turnaround compared to the mid-season. Shinhan had only two wins through the third round, starting the season with seven consecutive losses, but managed to escape the bottom by winning three games in the fourth round. It ended its three-game winning streak by losing an away game against Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin on Tuesday, but its move in the fifth round (2 wins and one loss) has also been stable so far.

“It was tough at the beginning of the season, but I think it was an opportunity for young players to grow. We still have games to play. We need to be stronger to make the playoffs. I will fight until the end,” Gunathan said.

He also sent a message to the players, urging them not to forget their desperation. “We should remember that we were being scolded until two weeks ago. We must desperately do it. We should not get excited even if we give them a round of applause. I hope they continue to do so,” Gunathan said to the national team. 마카오카지노도메인

At Yongin Gymnasium on Sunday, I saw a welcoming face. Byun So-jeong, who ruptured her cruciate ligament in the first game of this season, was sitting on the bench wearing training clothes. “I accompanied her because she wanted to watch the game with me. Rehabilitation is still in its early stages of setting the angle (of the knee).”

Shinhan is one win and three losses behind Hana One Q, which is competing for fourth place. If it wins in all of the fifth and sixth rounds, it will tie the score, but it has a goal difference of -50. On average, it needs to win a complete victory of 25 points or more in both games to lead in goal difference.

Although he is still in a disadvantageous position and the winning streak has been put on hold, Gunadan encouraged his players. He also said, “You have to participate in the defensive rebound to get more chances,” but added, “I hope the players don’t lose confidence and prepare for the next game with a positive mind.”

Will Shinhan Bank, which was criticized by others, be able to show its hindsight and be given a thumbs up when the season is over? Shinhan Bank’s real challenge will be from now on.

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