“Unusual Cotyledons.” Hanam KCC Chu Onyu, the ointment player and NBA

“Unusual Cotyledons.” Hanam KCC Chu Onyu, the ointment player and NBA

Hanam KCC Chu On-yu (Gwangju Umbrella Elementary School 3) has emerged as the U9’s best star.

Hanam KCC defeated Asan Samsung 38-23 to win the U9 final of the “Natural Healing City Jecheon 2024 National Basketball Festival” at the Oulim Sports Center in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 2nd.

Hanam KCC, which took the lead with its unique organizational power from the beginning of the game, won the championship title by accumulating points one by one with counterattacks after inducing an opponent’s error.

Chu On-yu, the core of the team’s attack, led the team to the top by using various skills in the attack.

“I’m so happy that I won a national championship. I’m not the only one who achieved such a result. It’s all thanks to my teammates’ good performance. I want to share my joy with my teammates,” Chu On-yu said after the game, attributing the victory to teammates.

Chu On-yu, who had a unique basketball talent earlier, was nominated as an affiliated player for Busan KCC on January 4 in recognition of his potential. In fact, it is rare to get a designation as an affiliated player in the lower grades of elementary school. It also means that Chu On-yu’s basketball talent is excellent.

“It was like a dream. I still can’t believe it,” said Chu On-yu, who recalled the time. “As much as I received high attention, I need to be humble and work harder to improve my skills.”

As a fan of Kyrie Irving (Dallas), he is said to be more into basketball these days. No wonder he had blood like a basketball player. Chu’s father was Choo Sung-ha, who played professionally for Samsung after serving at Yonsei University. Choo’s father was able to enjoy basketball without losing his passion, thanks to his father’s existence. “Since my father was a basketball player, he gives me a lot of advice on movement and game management when playing games. He also said that I should be a great player not only in terms of skills but also in terms of personality. I’m going to listen to that and try my best 라바카지노도메인,” he said.

“I like Irving the most. He dribbles and breaks through splendidly as a guard, and he has excellent shooting skills. I want to learn from Irving’s attack skills,” he added.

Finally, Chu On-yu said, “My dream is to become a basketball player. To achieve my dream, I have to work hard from now on. I will grow and enter the NBA every year.”

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