What kind of surprise is this? Manchester City’s ‘Archen’s best talent’, chest pain during the game → scheduled for a detailed examination

What kind of surprise is this? Manchester City’s ‘Archen’s best talent’, chest pain during the game → scheduled for a detailed examination

Manchester City prospect Claudio Echeverry is set to undergo scrutiny.

The British media “Daily Star” reported on the 2nd (Korea time) that “Man City’s new player suffered a frightening fear of his heart during the game.”

Echeverry is considered the best prospect in Argentina. Expectations are high on Echeverry as the next No.10 player to succeed Lionel Messi. Born in 2006, he already debuted as a senior despite his young age. He had one goal in six matches at the Argentine River Plate last season.

At the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup, he scored five goals and two assists in seven matches, including a hat trick in the quarterfinals against Brazil. He won the Bronze Boot after the tournament.

Naturally, several big clubs drooled at him. Most prestigious teams, including Real Madrid and Barcelona, were interested. The final winner was Manchester City.

A good relationship had a significant impact on the transfer. In the past, there was already a player deal between the two teams. Manchester City recruited Julian Alvarez, who played for River Plate in 2022.

At the age of 20, Álvarez was the top scorer in the Argentine league with 19 goals and 9 assists in 34 games. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid entered the market, but Manchester City paid 14.2 million pounds (about 24 billion won) to embrace Álvarez.

Manchester City loaned Alvarez to River Plate for one season immediately after signing him. It meant to get a little more experience. River Plate was also positive because it could use the ace for one more season 헤라카지노도메인.

The recruitment method was the same this time. Echeverry will play at River Plate until December. He is expected to play for Manchester City from the second half of next season.

However, shocking news was reported. Echeverry played in a match against Chile in the Olympic qualifying round on March 31 (Korea time). However, he felt chest pain in the first half before being treated for treatment. Eventually, he came out of the stadium as a substitute in the 19th minute of the second half.

“I had very strong pain in my chest,” Echeverry recalled after the game. “I couldn’t breathe well and I was scared. I took a short break to breathe and fortunately, it disappeared a little bit.”

He continued, “After that, I ran well. Anyway, I’m going to talk to my doctor to see what it is. This has never happened. It was scary, but it’s okay. Thank God.” According to the media, Echeverry will get a thorough examination to see if it is a serious problem.

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