Kwon Soonwoo said, “I’m sorry that I didn’t keep my service game after the break.”

Kwon Soonwoo said, “I’m sorry that I didn’t keep my service game after the break.”

In the singles on the first day of the 2024 Davis Cup Qualifiers held at IGA Stadium in Montreal, Canada on Feb. 3 (Korea Standard Time), Korea lost both Kwon Soon-woo and Hong Sung-chan, leading Canada 0-2. On the 4th, the two singles will be held by switching between doubles and partners.

Single-stage Kwon Soon-woo 0-2 (4-64-6) Gabriel Diallo

How do you feel about today’s game
Overall, I don’t think the game was bad, but I think it was a little disappointing to break the first set or the second set and not get the flow right.
Originally, I broke the opponent’s sub-game first and got off to a good start, but I didn’t always catch the next game well. That’s why I kept thinking about it, but I think I couldn’t keep it because I had too many thoughts even after leading the game.

Thoughts on the opponent’s Diallo player’s play
I think the stroke was really good in today’s backhand. I thought the serve and backhand were good, and I saw it shaking a little in the forehand, so I tried to target a lot, but overall, I think Diallo was putting more pressure on me today than I was.

I wonder if the fact that I didn’t play a lot in the last 6 months affected today’s game
I don’t think there was a big impact, and I think there was a little bit. Certainly, I didn’t play much, so I didn’t think I was better at managing points.

What do you think of the cheers of Korean and Canadian audiences today
Not many Korean fans came and cheered for us, but I want to say thank you very much. Obviously, there’s a lot of difference in the sound of cheering because we’re doing it away.

If you play in the game tomorrow, what are you going to do to improve your performance
Today, I broke first and went out and didn’t catch the next sub game well, but if I caught that sub game well, I think the flow would have been good. So I want to show you a better sub game than today.

A word of support to your teammates
I didn’t bring a good atmosphere in the first singles, but then there’s SUNGCHAN, JISUNG, and MINGYU’s doubles, and SUNGCHAN has fasting and I believe in SUNGCHAN, so I think I’ll bring good results if I cheer hard.

2nd Stage Hong Sung-chan 0-2 (4-63-6) Vasek Posifil

How do you feel about today’s game
Personally, I looked forward to it a lot and played the game thinking that I’ve grown a lot, but I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t do that much, but I’ll prepare because I have another game in the future.

Resolution for tomorrow’s 3rd singles match (with Gabriel Diallo)
First of all, if we forget everything we lost today and trust each other and rely on each other because we have the next game and the team members, I think that will happen again just as we turned it from 0-2 to 3-2 last year. I think there is a possibility if we talk a lot with Soon-woo and come out with a good strategy.

The atmosphere continued to be good at the beginning of the first set, but it seems that the atmosphere has changed after the protest by Popeyesil. I wonder if this part affected the flow of the game
There was a feeling that the POSFISHIL player was pulling the flow of the ball like that, but I didn’t think about it at all, and I don’t think the flow has changed because of it, and I think I’m a little less prepared for today’s game and I think it’s a bad match. 꽁머니지급

What’s the thing you’re most disappointed about today’s performance? Why
It’s a very disappointing match because he became very aggressive in the tournament at the beginning of the season and tried to do that a little more and didn’t do anything he did. Still, I think I’m learning and improving a lot from today’s match.

How do you feel about today’s game? How do you feel about starting 0-2 tomorrow
I have to accept the result of 0-2 and I will do my best until the end of tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts with doubles. Expectations for doubles?
It’s not over yet, and I don’t know how the doubles match will turn the mood around again. I’m going to do my best tomorrow and put everything into the doubles match.

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