“Hello, Kang In.” Mbappe is coming to Portugal Mbappe… He’s chosen as a substitute

“Hello, Kang In.” Mbappe is coming to Portugal Mbappe… He’s chosen as a substitute

AC Milan’s Rafael Leão (24) is drawing attention from Paris Saint-Germain. He is considered a substitute for Kylian Mbappe (25).

The global media ESPN reported on the 4th (Korea time), “Paris Saint-Germain is thinking of Leão as a substitute for Mbappe.”

It seems that Mbappe, who has been in trouble with Paris Saint-Germain throughout this season, has decided on his destination. French media Le Parisien said, “Mbappe will join Real Madrid next season. The biggest star of French soccer is going to the biggest club in the world. Mbappe is looking for an appropriate time to announce his move to Real Madrid. For now, we will not publicly announce it.”

ESPN also mentioned, “Mbappe received a contract offer from Real Madrid in January. Mbappe will officially announce his trip to Real Madrid within next week.”

World-renowned star Mbappe is expected to leave Paris Saint-Germain. He has been the main character of the transfer scandal since the summer of 2022. His departure put Paris Saint-Germain on alert. This is because he has to fill his vacancy.

“Paris Saint-Germain is trying to find a replacement for Mbappe,” said Matteo Moreto of Spanish media Lelevo. “Lean is the front-runner. He is the most preferred player in the transfer market this summer.” 헤라카지노주소

Leanne, who has been playing for AC Milan since the 2019-20 season, is a player with outstanding potential as a left winger. World soccer is paying attention to her as having the talent to become a world class player.

Leanne has explosive speed, dribbling capability, and excellent physical condition (188 centimeters). She is said to be similar to Mbappe and is nicknamed “Portugal Mbappe.” It is natural that Leanne receives attention from many different clubs. Nevertheless, she has to renew her contract with AC Milan until 2028.

He helped AC Milan win the Serie A title in the 2021-22 season, and was named the Serie A MVP at the time. He showed his presence by scoring 16 goals in 48 games in the previous season. The same applies this season. He has six goals and seven assists in a total of 27 games. He has scored only three goals in Serie A, but he has accumulated attack points with seven assists.

Paris Saint-Germain is expected to start looking for a replacement for Mbappe in earnest. In the process, a large transfer fee is also expected to be needed.

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