Hwang Ui-jo to go to Turkiye, not France… ‘Lease transfer to Alanyaspor’

Hwang Ui-jo to go to Turkiye, not France… ‘Lease transfer to Alanyaspor’

Hwang Ui-jo (31) has found a new team. It is Alanyaspor of Turkiye.

British media “The Athletic” reported on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) that “Nottingham Forest striker Hwang Ui-jo is on the verge of a loan transfer to Alanyaspor.”

“Hwang Ui-jo has returned from his loan spell at Norwich. Manager Nunu Ispiritu Santo does not see Hwang as part of his Premier League plans,” he said, adding that “he has never played at Nottingham Forest since joining from Bordeaux in 2022.”

“Final details on Hwang’s future have yet to be confirmed. However, he will be on loan to Turkiye,” he said.

Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, also reported on Hwang Ui-jo’s transfer. “Alanjaspor has agreed to loan Hwang Ui-jo from Nottingham Forest. The deal is over,” he said. “The lease is valid until the end of the season. It does not include the option of complete transfer.”

As a result, Hwang Ui-jo will play in Turkiye after France, Greece and England. He had a chance to play in the Premier League as he returned to loan, but failed to seize the opportunity. Rumors arose about his recent move to Montpellier, France, but it was canceled.

Hwang Ui-jo is a player who demonstrates his influence in front of the goal with his outstanding shooting and goal-scoring ability. During the Bordeaux era, he was a key striker with outstanding scoring ability. However, he failed to continue his career due to personal issues outside the stadium.

The incident involving Hwang Ui-jo took place in June last year. A, who claimed to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, shared videos and photos of Hwang Ui-jo and women on social media, saying, “Hwang Ui-jo had a relationship with a number of women, causing damage and gaslighting.”

The video and photos were widely spread through the Internet. Hwang Ui-jo’s office appealed for damages from the leakage of his personal life. Hwang claimed that his mobile phone was stolen in the past in Greece and that the video was filmed under agreement with his ex-lovers, and sued him on charges of timely defamation and intimidation under the Information and Communication Network Act. In the process, it turned out that he also asked the video leak victim B to sue him. He filed a complaint. And he was known as Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law, which shocked him greatly. When the video was released, he sent Hwang a message threatening to distribute the video, saying, “It would be fun if the video was released,” and “Look forward to it.” In addition, it was revealed that he sent additional threatening messages to the victims pretending to be a foreigner and along with illegal video capture photos.

The police changed Hwang Ui-jo to a suspect status in the process of analyzing and tracking videos distributed on social media. It was determined that there was an illegal filming situation and decided to ask Hwang Ui-jo about the issue. Hwang Ui-jo, who was selected for the second qualifying squad for the Asia region of the FIFA North Korea-China-U.S. World Cup in November, attended the police in person on the 17th and was questioned as a suspect.

Daehwan, a law firm that served as Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative, said, “The related video was contained in Hwang Ui-jo’s personal cell phone, which was lost in Greece in November 2022. It shows a woman who replaced Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but what is clear is an agreed-upon video between lovers.”

In the meantime, “Hwang Ui-jo does not currently have the video or has not leaked it. Not only the video but also the private conversations he had with his acquaintances are being used for intimidation. The killing of Hwang Ui-jo is going on very maliciously. This incident started with Hwang Ui-jo as a victim of video leakage. This fact remains unchanged even now. I pledge to sincerely cooperate with investigative agencies in the future. Hwang Ui-jo also feels deeply regret and responsibility for his past lover who was affected by this incident,” he said.

Hwang Ui-jo’s position was refuted by the female victim. Lee Eun-ui, the victim’s legal representative, said, “I never agreed to film the video. I said no and asked for deletion immediately after the shooting. There were constant requests for the victim to express her refusal and delete it, but they ignored it and illegal filming was repeated. In some cases, I did not know the shooting itself while under investigation due to this incident.”

“Hwang Ui-jo contacted the victim at the end of June. To catch the distributor quickly, he asked to sue the distributor.” The victim was embarrassed, but he couldn’t help but worry that if he couldn’t catch the distributor, additional damage could occur. After much consideration, the victim officially sued the police for illegal distribution of the distributor and illegal filming of Hwang Ui-jo.”

He stayed in Korea until recently to investigate the case. The National Police Agency banned Hwang from leaving the country on April 16. Regarding Hwang, who is active in the England stage, who has repeatedly refused to attend, the police reportedly said that they would block him from leaving the country until the investigation is completed. Hwang submitted an application to avoid investigating Hwang, saying, “Over-investigation resulted in him leaving his team without permission.”

This was accepted. Hwang’s departure ban expired on Feb. 28, and the National Police Agency has decided not to extend the ban. Hwang got on a flight to England on the second day. After recovering from his injury, he wished for his second-half Premier League debut at Nottingham. However, he couldn’t achieve his dream in England.

Hwang Ui-jo is constantly getting opportunities on the European stage. His explosive power was considerable when he was in Bordeaux. Hwang, who mainly played as a striker, joined Bordeaux and overcame the hardship of playing as a winger. He has a good sense of shooting and has excellent ability to curl up, so his two-legged cannon, which he tries to come into the middle from the side, easily led to a goal. Hwang, who proved his skills even though he is not a fit fit, scored 12 goals in the 2020-21 season and 11 goals in the 2021-22 season, becoming a striker who can score double figures for two consecutive seasons.

Hwang’s double-digit score for the second consecutive year was highly appraised by France as well. “He is like Edinson Cavani, a striker. He is quite selfless even though he is a striker. He has a lot of activities. He is a player who dedicates himself to making sure his uniform gets soaked in every game,” French soccer expert Eric Barrier said on Hwang’s performance.

He was highly praised in terms of technology as well. “The team runs tirelessly in any position. It is not accurate in front of goal, but it also shows incredible scoring ability,” Barrier said. “Personally, I like players whose uniforms are soaked in sweat. They make lame mistakes, but they also show their geniuses.”

However, the relationship between Hwang Ui-jo and Bordeaux did not last long. Bordeaux was demoted to the second division of Ligue 1 in the 2021-22 season. Hwang Ui-jo found his destination. In the process, Stade Brestua of Ligue 1 in France hoped to recruit Hwang. He also claimed that he would pay 3 million euros in transfer fee to bring Hwang Ui-jo back. Strasbourg and Nantes are known to want Hwang Ui-jo, which makes it possible for him to stay in France.

Nevertheless, England chose Hwang. In order to achieve his dream of becoming a Premier Leaguer, he chose to move to Nottingham, which was promoted from the English Championship (minor league) in 2022. However, he needed to wait. The team’s owner sent him to Olympiacos, Greece, where he also runs. Instead of accepting the lease to Olympiacos in his first season, Hwang drew a blueprint for playing for Nottingham from the second year in recognition of his skills and skills.

The Greek stage was not easy to adjust to. He had difficulty adjusting to the stage due to his deteriorating condition. He did not show even half of his skills in Bordeaux. During his half-year playing for Olympiacos, he did not get a proper chance to play. He did not naturally produce an offensive point. His condition declined significantly, and eventually, he was sluggish at the World Cup due to excessive transfer as fans feared.

He wanted to transfer to get a chance to play. However, Hwang was not allowed to stay in Europe. Due to FIFA regulations, he was not allowed to play for three teams in the same continent in one season. Since the opening of the season, he played for Bordeaux for a while and then for Olympiacos, which made him impossible to move to Europe. He returned to the K-League after much thought. He signed a short-term loan of six months with FC Seoul, focusing on regaining his sense of play.

After regaining form in Seoul, Hwang returned to Nottingham last summer to compete as a starting member. He showed good performance when he made his unofficial debut and scored his debut goal in the pre-season. However, he sat on the bench in two Premier League games and one English Football League (EFL) cup after the opening of this season. However, he failed to deploy the team again and opted to rent the team, delaying his debut as a Premier Leaguer 월카지노주소.

Hwang Ui-jo will wear the Norwich jersey before the deadline for the summer transfer window. “I have high expectations. I want to be as helpful as possible to the team,” Hwang said. “I had a good feeling while talking with the coach. I will put a lot of pressure on the high line and show my hard work through connecting plays with strikers.”

He began to gain opportunities in Norwich. He started to adapt by helping in a home game against Birmingham City in the ninth round, and made his debut goal in the game against Sunderland in the 14th round. Since then, he has shown his presence by scoring consecutive goals against Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Watford in the 17th round. Despite issues outside the stadium, he has shown solid performance to support his team.

Wagner also praised Hwang, saying, “He proved himself to be a great player. He is a player with outstanding skills. He is professional and understands the game well. Hwang proved this for 70 minutes on the ground.”

Hwang, however, did not have a satisfactory season. He only had three goals and one assist in a total of 18 games. He only started eight games in the Championship. It could not be seen that his team played a significant role. On top of that, he recently suffered a hamstring injury, and his unresolved personal life became controversial. This is why he moved to Turkiye after breaking up with Norwich City.

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