“Feed six meals a day and focus only on shoulder care.” KIA 1R 193cm Wonseok, who preheated at Hampyeong Seungrak School, challenges survival in Canberra

“Feed six meals a day and focus only on shoulder care.” KIA 1R 193cm Wonseok, who preheated at Hampyeong Seungrak School, challenges survival in Canberra

KIA Tigers rookie pitcher Cho Dae-hyun will compete fiercely for survival at Canberra Spring Camp in Australia. At “Hampyeong Seungrak School,” KIA Futures team manager Son Seung-rak is expected to have a warm-up effect to join the first-tier spring camp.

Cho Dae-hyun joined the same rookie pitcher Kim Min-joo on the KIA Australia Canberra Spring Camp list, which started on February 1.

Kia has named Cho Dae-hyun as the sixth overall pick in the first round in the 2024 KBO rookie draft. At the time of the nomination, Kia’s general manager Shim Jae-hak expressed his desire to raise Cho to be a “right-handed Yang Hyeon-jong” under a long-term development plan. The fact that Cho was not sent to the wrap-up camp in Okinawa, Japan, in November last year was another decision to maintain that direction.

“Rather than using Cho Dae-hyun as a member of the first team immediately, I want to nurture him as a starting resource under a long-term development plan,” said Shim Jae-hak, general manager of the team. As for Yang, after joining the team in 2007, he garnered one win and slowly became a starting resource. I hope his potential will explode if he develops his talent through the Future development system.”

Since November last year, Cho has focused on building his body as a professional pitcher through bulk-up with Sohn Seung-rak. Cho, who is naturally thin, has been assigned a 10kg bulk-up task. Sohn and Cho teamed up to increase the production volume by 7-8kg before departing for the spring camp.

“Cho Dae-hyun and Kim Min-ju have already been planned to join the spring camp of the 1st team,” Son Seung-rak, the manager of the team, told MK Sports at Hampyeong Challengers Field recently. Therefore, he decided that the first priority for coach Chung Jae-hoon and coach Lee Dong-geol to set direction for the 1st team. In Hampyeong, he focused on strengthening his body and managing his shoulders and elbows. “He only made his body here before he was able to pitch,” he said.

“In case of Cho Dae-hyun, he kept checking his diet while feeding six meals a day (laughs). At first, he looked skinny and weak, but now he looks strong as he gained 7-8 kilograms of weight and muscles. Since he lost his speed in his third year of high school, I think he should focus on developing pitches to raise his speed. If he raises his speed to mid-to-late 140 kilometers per hour, he has the potential to throw powerful balls,” Son said.

The pitching technical part is held by the first-team coaches in the spring camp, but the process of building the body for pitching is managed separately by the Futures team. The value of collaboration, which coach Son Seung-rak usually emphasizes, is well implemented as an example of Cho Dae-hyun. In advance, the team established a nurturing stance that encompasses the first team and the Futures team, and set the direction of Cho Dae-hyun’s development under cooperation. 마카오카지노

“It is right for players to develop differently depending on the team’s internal principles and systems. As soon as Cho joined the team, he also planned not to make technical modifications or pitch his full strength. After developing all the basic physical conditions for pitching, including bulk-up, flexibility and quickness, he slowly started playing catch ball. “My plan was to go to spring camp in the first division after playing half-pitching,” Son said.

As coach Sohn Seung-rak expected, Cho Dae-hyun has been conducting intensive training with his seniors without any major problems since joining the first-tier spring camp. Cho is learning a lot from other seniors as well as contemplating technical modifications to pitch with coach Jung Jae-hoon and coach Lee Dong-geol through pitching at the camp bullpen.

If Cho survives at a spring camp in Okinawa, where there are 22 pitchers even after the Canberra spring camp ends, he is likely to join the exhibition game and the opening entry at the Okinawa spring camp, which focuses on actual games. We wonder if Cho will show his potential as a first-round pick from the first season since his debut.

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