Blue cards, neither yellow nor red, appear! Possibility of introducing the FA Cup in England… “The foul player leaves for 10 minutes”

Blue cards, neither yellow nor red, appear! Possibility of introducing the FA Cup in England… “The foul player leaves for 10 minutes”

The possibility of a new card appearing in soccer has been raised.

The Guardian, a British media outlet, reported on Sunday (Korea time) that “blue cards will be introduced to soccer. Players can be sent off for 10 minutes for foul play.”

According to media outlets, new cards besides yellow cards (warning) and red cards (retirement) are expected to be introduced into the soccer community. They are called “blue cards.” If players are to receive a blue card, they must leave the stadium for 10 minutes.

A similar story had already circulated in November. The British soccer media “90min” reported that the International Football Council (IFAB) approved a plan to test a player’s temporary exit from the ground for a certain period of time. At that time, the new rule was introduced as an “orange card,” not a blue card.

New rules are increasingly being outlined. The Guardian explained, “This innovation is part of a concerted effort to improve players’ behavior in response to the growing number of fights on the field. There is a belief that these changes actually affect players and referees in grassroots football.”

Players who receive two blue cards will be ejected. In addition, players must leave the stadium even if they receive one blue card and one yellow card each. Simply put, it is similar to a yellow card but has a stronger disciplinary effect.

The FA announced that it will expand the pilot operation after successfully implementing the blue card at several grassroots competitions. The FA is reportedly considering the possibility of using the blue card at the FA Cup as part of the pilot operation.

Mark Bullingham, director of the 꽁머니사이트 International Football Council (IFAB) and president of the FA, said, “The protocol for temporary exits must be developed. It worked very well in English youth football.” “We talked about the protests at first, but tactical fouls were also included. The question of whether the yellow card was sufficient as punishment for the counterattack that was thwarted by fouls was the starting point.”

He continued, “If it goes according to the current protocol, I could be sent off for a temporary period of 10 minutes. Some players commit tactical fouls. It’s a foul that stops promising attacks, and I know that players get yellow cards. This is what ruins the game.”

Bullingham added, “If there was a temporary send-off, would they not have committed a foul? This becomes the question. The success of a temporary send-off in youth football has been prevention, not cure. Players know the danger of a temporary send-off, and they have reached the point where there is no foul. We hope the same changes will occur.”

Of course, there is backlash. UEFA President Alexander Ceferin called the blue card “the death of football.” Tottenham Hotspur manager Enze Postecoglou also expressed discontent, saying, “Just get rid of everything and forget about it. I don’t know why you keep intervening in the game.”

According to the media, the blue card is unlikely to be applied to the English Premier League (PL) because it has not been approved for the top tournament.

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