“Winning, our hands are gone” Munich lost 0-3 to Leverkusen…Cane Munich also faces ‘no crisis’

“Winning, our hands are gone” Munich lost 0-3 to Leverkusen…Cane Munich also faces ‘no crisis’

Harry Kane, who left Tottenham Hotspur and wore a Bayern Munich uniform, saying, “I want to win,” has become difficult to win.

Bayern Munich kneeled 0-3 against Bayer Leverkusen in the 21st round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga held in Revacuzen Biarena, Germany on the 11th (Korea time).

Prior to the match, Bayern Munich was chasing Leverkusen by two points with 50 points.

Defeat on the day was all the more serious since it was a six-point match that could determine the outcome of the championship race. As a result of the match, the gap between the two teams widened to five points.

“We rarely created chances and were bound to lose in the end,” Bayern Munich sports director Christophe Freund said. “Of course, it’s bittersweet in such an important game. It’s hard to explain. We made too many mistakes and allowed ourselves to be dominated by Leverkusen. We conceded the goal too easily. It’s not typical of a team that has always challenged in big games. Now we have to win games without fail. It is true that we don’t have the championship in our hands anymore.”

Leverkusen is the only undefeated team in the five major European leagues. Prior to the match, Leverkusen had no loss of 16 wins and four draws in 20 matches. As it secured a landslide 3-0 victory over Bayern Munich on the day, which was considered the biggest threat when it continued its unbeaten record, it will enable it to dream of winning the title without loss.

Bayern Munich has been atop the Bundesliga for 11 consecutive seasons until last season. Last season, it beat Borussia Dortmund by goal difference in the final match to lift the trophy. It entered the 34th round, two points behind Dortmund, and was dramatically tied as Bayern Munich beat FC Cologne 2-1 while Dortmund tied with Mainz 2-2. Bayern Munich, which lost its early elimination in the UEFA Champions League and DFB Pokal, barely managed to overcome the crisis of no win.

The outcome is fatal for Kane, who left the club with Tottenham Hotspur and England to win the title. Kane, who had accumulated skills and capabilities in the Tottenham Youth Team, signed a professional contract with Tottenham in 2009. After spending his time on loan at Leighton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City and Leicester City, he has played for Tottenham in the 2013-14 season.

“My goal is to win every title this season. My job is to help that (win every championship). If I don’t win every trophy by the end of the season, I might be a little disappointed, but I know it’s also very difficult to achieve it. We don’t take anything for granted,” he told a news conference after joining Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich recruited Kane for the treble this season, but was eliminated early in the second round of the Pokal Cup last November after suffering a shock 1-2 defeat by FC Zarbrücken (third division). If the team fails to win the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, which is in the round of 16, is the only remaining championship that has a chance of winning. However, it has to compete with outstanding contenders including Manchester City, last season’s champion, Spanish giants Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain led by Kylian Mbappe.

Kim Min-jae, who returned to the team early after being eliminated from the semifinals of the Asian Cup, played as a starter as soon as he returned. According to soccer statistics company FootMob, Kim Min-jae recorded two tackle successes, five interceptions, nine defensive actions, and 10 recovery times with a 94% pass success rate (74/78), and won all five of the ground ball competitions. Most of the Bayern Munich players, including Kane, who received a rating of 6, received seven points.

Bayern Munich came out with a three-back formation, perhaps conscious of Leverkusen’s strong pressure and attack. Eric Dier, who is being appointed by Thomas Tuchel, was in the center, and Kim Min-jae was in charge of the right side Dayot Upamecano. Kane, who scored 24 goals in 20 games this season, stood at the front line.

However, Leverkusen, equipped with the “Savi Alonso Ball,” was not able to advance forward due to pressure from the team. The team led the team with 61 percent of the total market share in the game, but posted a whopping 14-9 shooting number, far inferior to 8-1 in terms of effective shooting. Leverkusen also recorded 1.40, while Bayer Leverkusen had 0.57 goals, falling short of the goal tally.

Leverkusen’s first goal came in the 17th minute of the first half. On the left side, Bayern Munich’s defense launched a throw-in attack before maintaining itself, and quickly continued to cross. The ball passed Kim Min-jae and was connected to Leverkusen winger Josip Stanisic on the other side, and became the first goal. Sasha Bui, who joined Bayern Munich in this winter’s transfer window, has yet to mark Stanisic.

Leverkusen’s pressure and performance leading to its attack were threatening. It also eerie Bayern Munich in the 22nd minute of the first half. After cutting off the opponent’s attack deep in the defense, he lightly peeled off the fierce pressure of Bayern Munich’s world-class players with a simple pass. The move was possible because the Leverkusen players were already in space when Bayern Munich players rushed for the ball. Due to de-pressure, it quickly exceeded the Bayern Munich midfield. Grimaldo sprayed a long pass from the left side to the other side, and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer made a good shot with Nathan Tella beside Kim Min-jae.

Leverkusen’s second goal came in the fourth minute of the second half. Bayern Munich’s defense, where Kim Min-jae holds out, collapsed in one-on-one pass. Overlapped Grimaldo gave the ball to Tella, who settled in the midfield, and penetrated it, taking the ball sprayed by Tella and finishing it with a left-footed strong shot. When the score difference widened to two goals, the local broadcast camera illuminated Tuchel and Bayern Munich boardjin in the stands one after another.

Bayern Munich did not have a significant attack opportunity due to pressure from Leverkusen. Rather, Leverkusen scored a decisive goal. Despite the two goal gap, goalkeeper Neuer also joined the corner kick attack when the extra time of the second half was over. Leverkusen successfully defended and developed a quick counterattack. Jeremy Frimpong, who received the ball in the midfield, looked at the empty goal past Bayern Munich players who quickly clapped. Goalkeeper Neuer has yet to return. Frimpong’s shot was sucked into the empty net and became the third goal 꽁머니환전.

Bayern Munich veteran Thomas Muller could not hide his anger at a meeting with reporters after the match, according to AFP.

“What do you think we missed?” “We show what we can do well in training because we are brave and free to play. What we missed is the guts and the freedom to play. Leverkusen played soccer with risk-taking and finding solutions. But we play A to B, B to C, and no one plays freely or takes risks. There are only a few results that we can see in the stadium. That’s why I was angry.”

He then declined to comment on criticism against Tuchel, saying, “There is no need to discuss the coach because there are enough world-class players.”

Bayern Munich CEO Jan Christian Dresen said, “We deserved to lose. Leverkusen was simply better. We have to accept it. We got off to a good start, but lost control of the game. Fortunately, we still have 13 games to play. We have to expect Leverkusen to make a mistake or two. Even if today was difficult, I won’t give up. We have to regroup and keep looking ahead. Wednesday’s game against Lazio is a chance to make up for this game,” he said.

Coach Thomas Tuchel said, “We dominated the game without being threatened at the beginning. We let go of momentum and energy because of our own mistakes. We also conceded the second goal too easily. We lacked penetration in the Final Third to get the win. We wanted to defend very aggressively to prevent Leverkusen from getting in their rhythm. We made very poor decisions even after we took the ball away. It happened too often that we lost the ball again right after we took possession. We will do our best not to throw towels. Leverkusen created a gap. Our approach is not going to change. We have to keep going and get better to achieve our ambitions.”

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said, “We showed our worst performance on the most important day. We wanted to defend aggressively from high up on the pitch. We didn’t expect Leverkusen to play like this. We all have to take a good look at ourselves and reflect on our performance.”

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